Don’t Get Too Busy

This morning was a first for me.  The morning started out pretty much like any other morning.  There was the getting breakfast together, helping get the kids ready for the day and then finally getting myself ready.  I was running through things in my mind that I would like to get done today in the office – sermons for Wednesday and Sunday, reading that I would like to get done, planning, etc.

As I was getting my things together to head out the door, it happened.  I don’t know where it came from, but it hit hard.  We have never seen this reaction before.  Our middle son, Sam, bust out into tears and said that he wanted to stay with Daddy.  I was blindsided.

Normally, our boys flock to the mother for EVERYTHING.  They are true-blue Momma-boys.  I’m okay with that.  I was a Momma-boy growing up as well.  For some reason today, Sam wanted his Daddy.  I would be lying if I said that there was not a feeling of pride swelling up inside of me.

I made the decision to give this thing a try.  There is nothing for my 4-year-old son to do in my office other than color on some paper and play in the floor in the corner.  I told my wife something along the lines of, “let’s see what happens.”  We got him ready and a couple of toys, and it was off to the office with Daddy.  Surprisingly, he did pretty good – other than lock himself in the bathroom.

We went home for lunch and I told my son that he would have to stay at the house with Mommy.  He was fine with that.  He had some one-on-one “Daddy time,” and he was happy with that.

I was reminded during the time together and over lunch that these kiddos are not going to be here in our house very long.  There is a small window of their life that we as their parents have to make an impact.  Ministry is tough work.  There is a lot of preparation, planning, and praying that must be done.  But, as I was reminded of today, it should never come at the expense of your family.


Insights From An Impromptu Playdate

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for what I knew would be a very long day, my 5 year old comes up to me, grabs my hand and leads me to his bedroom without saying a word. When we get to his bedroom, he stops, turns around, looks up at me and says, “Daddy, will you play with me?”

What do you say to that??? Those blue eyes just looking and waiting for an answer. I will tell you what you do: you play!

I knew that there were many things that I needed to do yesterday, but none of them were so important that I had to let my boy down. As we played with Batman action figures, I felt the Holy Spirit speaking some insights to my heart.

  • Don’t get too busy to play with your boys. I shared recently in a sermon with the church I serve that the greatest way to spell love is T-I-M-E. Sure there are things that need to be done and responsibilities to take care of, but if you have so many that you can’t play with your children then you have too many!
  • Now you’re feeling a little of God’s heart. For some reason, those Batman figures that would have held my attention for hours on end many moons ago were not so special. What was special was that my boy took me by the hand, pulled me aside and wanted to spend time just with me. For a moment, I shared the heart of God when His children take Him by the hand and say, “how about some just You and me time?” How it thrills His heart when we give Him undivided attention. He doesn’t need it but still is blessed by it.
  • Be alert and ready for the lessons that may come your way today in the most casual and ordinary ways. The God who adores you is trying to speak to you. Will you hear him?

    Correct Priorities

    Earlier this week I had heard about the news that San Francisco 49er running back, Glen Coffee, was retiring from professional football.  Why has this story made the headlines all over the sports world?  He’s 23 years old.  I won’t even go into the thought of how great it would be to retire at the age of 23.  but I will get into why he stepped away from the game.

    Glen Coffee was on a local radio show this week talking about this decision to walk away from arguably the greatest game on the face of the planet (along with millions of dollars).  He shared about how his heart was not with the game anymore… even at the college level.  He thought that if he got paid, it might make it all more tolerable.  He has since seen that this is not the path for his life.  It was amazing to hear him talk about his faith in Jesus Christ and following Him.  Glen talked about sharing his decision to walk away with his coach Mike Singletary (also born-again Christian) and the encouragement that Coach Singletary gave him to follow His Lord.

    The whole reason that I bring any of this up is not that here’s a former Alabama Crimson Tide running back (though that’s a cool part), but that it’s good to see someone who has their priorities straight.  Glen Coffee was able to set aside the fame and fortune that the NFL has to offer to do what he knows is God’s path for him.  I greatly respect him for this decision and pray that God would use him in a great and mighty way to shape the future of many people to come.


    The news of Urban Meyer stepping down as the head coach at the University of Florida has taken me by surprise. I didn’t see that one coming. I am not what you would call a Florida fan, but I greatly respect this man’s decision to step down.

    It is so good to see that there are people who have a good understanding of what is important. College football is the greatest sport on the face of the earth, but it is just a game. A person’s faith and family are so much more important than a game that comes and goes.

    Big kudos to Urban Meyer on having priorities straight. I hope that things go well and that he can return to the sidelines soon. I also hope that this lesson of proper priorities rubs to those players and other people in sports.