Rewind: 06.29.13


Here are some of the interesting articles that I came across this week.  (Due to my sporadic reading lately, some articles are older than this week.)


Rewind 11.9.12


The past two weeks have been some of those that you find yourself playing “catch-up” from. I know that have fallen behind on my “Rewinds”, but now we’re going try and get back on track. Here are some of the reads that I have found very helpful recently.

8 Terrible Church Visits
This was a good post from Thom Rainer, President of Lifeway Christian Resources, about some of the pitfalls that visitors to churches have to face.

How to Lead Young Men
This was a great post on giving some pointers on how to lead those who are coming behind us. We all like the idea of mentoring, but how do we do in carrying it out?

Francis Chan on Making Disciples
A short video of Francis Chan teaching in the topic of making disciples. Very practical and convicting.

Christianity Isn’t Dying; Cultural Christianity Is
This article has some great insight into what the declining numbers in many churches are attributed to.

5 of the Most Difficult Challenges a Pastor Faces
Thom Rainer shares about some difficulties pastors face. This is a good read to help the average layperson in a church see what some situations come across as.

9 Signs You May Be Addicted to Social Media
Perry Noble shares some funny zingers here. Sadly, they can be very convicting also.

All the Married Ladies
My wife has done it again. Great post encouraging married ladies to be specifically thankful for their husbands. Heaven knows I didn’t make this post easy to right.

3 Things the Church Can Learn From Election 2012
The People Have Spoken – What Should Christians Do Now?
Trevin Wax and Ed Stetzer have written some great articles in the wake of the recent presidential elections that have seemed to divide a country even further.

7 Things a Pastor Kid Needs From a Father
Barnabas Piper, son of the pastor, John Piper, has written a great post to pastors to remember to be the father God has called you to be even over the church position He has called you to.

Rewind 10.14.12

Here are some notable blogs that I came across this week. You should check these out.

The Day the Dishwasher Broke by Naomi Stephens. This was a great post by my wife about time.

7 Reasons Why Evangelism Should Be A Priority In Your Church by Thom Rainer. Thom Rainer does a great job of putting together some important reasons why churches should be not just involved but consumed with evangelism.

The Greatness of Jesus in the Massive and the Miniscule by Micah Carter. This is one for you guys and gals that like space and stuff.

Voters in Both Parties Back Abstinence Ed

Baptists in Turkmenistan Beaten & Fined. We need to remember our brothers and sisters in Christ all around the world.

10 Questions to Ask Your Wife… If You’re Man Enough by Dennis Rainey.

How to Pray For Your Pastor.

Rewind 10.6.12

I am going to try something new here on my blog. I read many things throughout the week. I am going to attempt to share some of the things that I have come across during the week that i thought were worth mentioning.

Check out these articles from the past week:

Why Many Employees Will Soon Be Working From Home by Thom Rainer.

Why We Believe Children Who Die Go To Heaven by Ed Stetzer.

Gospel Reign by Micah Carter. This is a new blog from a friend of mine who is a very gifted minister of the Gospel. He finally made his way into the blogosphere. I would encourage you to check out his stuff as I know it will be good.

7 Marks of Healthy Small Groups by Rick Warren.

Pray for Noah

Calling all prayer warriors. Please be in prayer a little boy named Noah Crowe. He will be going into surgery within the hour to remove a brain tumor. I know his dad through a mutual friend. The testimony of these believers is awesome.

You can read more on Noah’s story and updates by going to Pray For Noah.