Give Thanks Day 22

Today, I am very thankful for God’s provision. I can truly say that if God had not stepped in on many occasions, it would have all went down the drain. There are times when we pour out our needs before Him… we may even share those with others close to us and ask them to join in prayer over those things… or it might be times when we just don’t know what to do. In those last mentioned times, it gets really good seeing God show out.

I am very excited that this coming spring will complete my MDiv degree at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Two classes and I’m done. The bad part is that those two classes are going to run about $1100. I was wondering where that was going to come from.

God decided to show out. He decided that sometimes it’s just best to get “two birds with one stone.” One of my wife’s uncles was looking for a new car. We just happened to be preparing to put the one we don’t use on the market since we have the minivan now.

Long story short = the car sold for $3000. That takes care of the rest of my school, pays a little extra down on our minivan, a little help for Christmas, & gets rid of the car we weren’t using.

The best part is that I had not even had the chance to take my “concern” before my wife before God decides to provide as only He can.



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