Deal Hunting

20130720-080209.jpg Looking for deals seems to be a hot thing these days. I hear about those who will search for coupons and the best deals in order to save a few dollars. I can remember my grandmother and her “deal hunting.” She would go to three different stores in her town depending on who had what on sale that week. It might be picking milk up at one and eggs at another while peanut butter is on sale at a completely different store.

The Bible is clear on its teaching about stewardship. There is truly nothing that we own in and of ourselves. We are stewards of the things that we have – money, talents, time, children, jobs, etc. We are to care for them and use them in the best way that will accomplish their God-given purposes.

As I was looking at my devotion this morning, I came across the deal hunter’s verse. But I do not think it would fit all situations for those coupon-cutters.

“Act wisely towards outsiders, making the most of the time.” Colossians 4:5 HCSB

The verb that is translated “making the most” (ἐξαγοραζόμενοι) literally means “to purchase or buy up.” It’s like that deal hunter finding the deal of the year. What do the deal hunters do when they find “the big deal”? They stock up. They jump on it. They “make the most of it.”

God is giving us some big opportunities or deals to be jumped on with those who do not know Jesus. These bargains are all around us and meant to be taken. We are to see the opportunities to show Jesus to those around us as they present themselves. They are everywhere.

My prayer is that God might open my eyes today to see the deals that are to be capitalized on – those times to show Jesus to the world – all around me. But not just see them, but to make the most of them.


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