Thoughts on Wilson-Bell Debate Part 2

This debate between Andrew Wilson and Rob Bell has gotten me. I have watched the video of this debate a few times mainly hoping that what I heard was not reality. I was once a fan of Rob Bell. I had heard him at a youth pastor’s conference a few years back. He gave one of the best presentations of God’s name that I had heard.

It is amazing to me how far we have come. The thing that is on my mind today is the argument that Rob Bell puts forth as his basis of defense. Bell appeals to the state of the contemporary culture as the determining factor.

It is time for the church to acknowledge that we have brothers and sisters who are gay and want to share their life with someone. This is a part of life in the modern world. And that’s how it is. And cultural consciousness has shifted. This is how the world is.. ~ Rob Bell

If the modern world is the determining factor of how we should view situations, then where is the truth? The world is constantly changing its views on topics. At one point in time, homosexuality was seen as something morally wrong. It seems now that it is to be considered morally okay to practice homosexuality. It is even being celebrated now in our culture.

The views of modern culture are not qualified to determine if something is right or not. The main reason is that the mind of the culture can change at a moments notice. Something more solid is necessary to determine the “rightness” of something.

Enter the Word of God.

It is the Word of God – both Old Testament and New Testament – that Andrew Wilson uses in this debate to show his stance (and mine, too). Wilson asks Bell if he believes homosexuality is a sin, and Bell just answers

I am for monogamy, I am for fidelity, I am for commitment. I think the world needs more of that. I think that promiscuity is dangerous and destructive. Some people are gay and want to share their life with someone, and they should be able to. That’s how the world is, and we should affirm that. And we should affirm monogamy, fidelity, and commitment, both gay and straight.

What?!? Where is the answer? I know that it is hidden in there. Between the lines, Bell seems to be saying that contrary to what the Bible says, homosexuality is not a sinful behavior. If this position is “right” then why all the dancing around the issue?

The interesting thing is that when you depend on the Word of God as a basis for determining what is right and wrong (absolute truth), you do not have to dance around any issues. You can stand firmly on issues and know that you are on solid ground.

Lesson: Make sure that what you use to determine truth is capable of doing the job.


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