Cole: One Year Later

One year ago today, our lives were forever changed. We had already had the joy of two boys to enrich our family. The second one was born 13 months prior to this event. What was this event that forever changed our lives? It was nothing less than the birth of our third son, Cole.

20120714-224203.jpg Our baby boy turned one today. We have been through “1st birthdays” before, but this is the last one. We are pretty sure that there will be no more babies coming to this family through us thanks to a Birmingham doctor. This being the last “1st birthday” brought joy as well as a hint of “bummedness”.

I never thought I would stand and be the father of 4 children (3 boys here and 1 child in heaven), but here I am standing in exactly that position. 20120714-225247.jpg

Today as I watched our youngest celebrate his birth with ribs and cake – you can do whatever you wish with your kids but this is how we roll – I thanked God in my heart for the wonderful blessings that I have in my family. Three times now, He has chosen to give us sons to pass a legacy on to and prepare for life.

Is it a challenge? Yes sir. Do you feel like a failure sometimes? You bet. Would I do it another way or change anything? No way!



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