Not About Me?

20120713-131954.jpgAs I was reading over my devotion for today, it had me in a familiar place: Exodus 3:1-14. This is where God comes to Moses in the form of a burning bush. God was setting into motion a plan to deliver His people from the bondage they were in in Egypt.

An interesting thing stood out to me this morning while reading this passage. Something I’m not sure that I had ever caught before. In the passage mentioned above, Moses asks two questions of God. More questions/excuses would come later, but these two questions are where everything comes to.

  • “Who am I? (verse 11)
  • “Who are You? (verse 13)
  • As I said before, everything hinges on these two questions. Everything. Then and now.

    Moses was being called to a great task in leading a nation to freedom. It would call for a lot from him. He would be questioned himself. He would hear the complaints of the crowd. But when it came down to it all, the main thing was not Moses. Strangely enough, God never answered Moses’ first question. When Moses asked “Who am I?” all he heard was that God would be there with him. When it comes to our value and significance, Christ is it. Without Christ in our life, we are nothing. With Christ in our life, we are everything. The key difference is not who we are, but who is with us.

    Moses gets to the second question and God is happy to answer. It is here that we see the first mention of God’s name: YHWH, the God of the Covenant. By God’s quick answer we see that it was never about who this man that would lead these people out of slavery was, it was always about God. This is the story of history: the fame of the wonderful, amazing, holy, sovereign God of the universe.

    Lord, help us to see that it is not about who we are, what talents/abilities we have or don’t, or what we bring to the table. Help us to see that it is about You and only You.


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