Mother’s Day Recap

Today was my first Mother’s Day as a lead pastor of a local church. I can say that today was an interesting day. I thought that I’d share a few thoughts that I had today.

  • People show up to church on Mother’s Day. I read this week that Mother’s Day is #3 on the top attended holidays of the year. People will join Momma at the church on this day. We has some visitors in our service on Mother’s Day. We also had a lot of people visiting with families away from our congregation. I take away from this that we should be prepared for an outreach opportunity on Mother’s Day.
  • Some people avoid church on Mother’s Day. There are just some that will not come to church on Mother’s Day. One of the big reasons is that they feel they have failed at motherhood, and the last thing they want to hear is how they should’ve done it better. Another big reason is the issue of infertility and miscarriages. This day opens wounds like no other for those who are in these situations. I’ll never forget the Mother’s Day after we miscarried our first child. The emotional roller coaster and flood was too much. We need to take time to understand why some people run away from the church on Mother’s Day.
  • Year 2. This was the second Mother’s Day where my mother was in heaven. For some reason, this year I thought about her much more. I spent a good deal of time this past week remembering the great mother that I was blessed with.
  • Thankful for the wonderful mother my children have. I definitely didn’t get to treat Naomi to all that I would have liked to. There were no big presents unless you count the garden that she’s been wanting. I did manage to grill seem steak and chicken for her tonight. I am so thankful that God gave my boys a mother that loves them unconditionally, fights for them, and who can be a great example for them to look to when they choose their mates one day (way down the road).
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