I’m Thankful: Day 2

Day 2: A Wonderful, Godly Wife

As I continue this journey of putting into words things that I am thankful for, I cannot go very far without mentioning my thankfulness for the wonderful gift that God blessed me with in my wife, Naomi.  She is truly a Godsend into my life.  Her passion for Jesus Christ is probably the one thing that stands out most to me.  She seeks to put Jesus first in her life.  I never imagined that Genesis 2:18-24 would be so clearly lived out, but it has been through Naomi.

Another reason that I am so thankful for Naomi is that she is a godly mother to our boys.  This is one of the foremost reasons that I knew that she was for me.  I have told her many times that I saw in her the mother that I wanted for my children.  She loves them more than any other person on the face of the earth.  She lives out the life of what a Christ-follower is supposed to look like to our boys in a way that they catch it easily.  There have been many times when our 4-year-old makes statements of biblical truths that Naomi has shared with him.

A final reason that I would give here for being thankful for my bride is that she is a wonderful pastor’s wife.  I know that if you asked her, she would probably tell you that she doesn’t quite know what that role is supposed to be, but she really does a wonderful job at it.  She is my main encourager, accountability partner, critiquer, prayer partner, and more.  It was told to me by more than one minister that a wife can either make you or break you in ministry.  I am so thankful that God has given me what I believe is the best there ever has been (or will be).

I would encourage you to check out Naomi’s blog and see some of the wisdom that she shares.  You can go to her blog by clicking here.


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