My Pastors

Over my life as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ I have had some great men play the role of pastor in my life. I wanted to take this opportunity to call them out and honor them.

Rev Joey Savell
This man is my father in the ministry. He was my youth pastor when God called me into the ministry. He has been there for me in times of great joy (doing our wedding ceremony) and times of sorrow (death of uncle and mother). He is one of the first people I call when I have questions in ministry. He is currently serving as Senior Pastor at Pineview Baptist Church in Harvest, Alabama.

Dan Perez
Dan was my Sunday School teacher and a mentor of mine when I was in high school. He did a great job of showing me what the Christian life looked like in an everyday context.

Dr. Stan Lewis
Dr. Lewis is the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church of Birmingham, Alabama. He had brought me on staff there after he got there to help with things. Before that, he was a professor of mine in my early days of seminary. He taught me how to relate to the people and when to just bite your tongue.

These are a couple of the great men that God has allowed to make an impact on my life. They have truly played the role of pastor well.


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