Upcoming Opportunities

The next couple of weeks are going to prove to be some of the most challenging, faith-building weeks in my life and the life of my family.  We are getting ready for me to finish out my Master of Divinity degree at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  One of the issues that our family has been praying about and seeking God’s hand on is how we are going to provide for financial needs.  It has been really cool to watch God peel back a little of the page and remind us that He’s got things under control.

This month, God has opened the doors for me to be able to preach the Word with some different fellowships. Here is a schedule of where I will be speaking during the month of August.  If you are close to these areas, please join us as we lift up Jesus!

  • Sunday, August 7 – 6pm – Ignite City Church, Huntsville, Alabama
  • Sunday, August 14 – 10am – First Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama (This will be my last official day on staff at this great church.)
  • Sunday, August 21 – 11am – Lucien Baptist Church, Brookhaven, Mississippi
  • Sunday, August 28 – 10:30am – First Baptist Church, St. Rose, Louisiana

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