Choosing Great

As I was reading my devotion for this morning, it was talking about choosing great over good.  This can be a very difficult thing at times.  When you come to a crossroads and there are two paths to choose from, which one do you take?  You see things down both, and they both look good.  The truth is only one is the great choice.

Another truth: looks can be deceiving.  Just ask Lot. If you read Genesis 13, you find the story of where Abraham and Lot went separate ways.  They weren’t at odds with each other.  There was just a shortage of resources to take care of both families and their livestock.  Abraham, the elder and leader, allowed Lot to make the decision about who would go which way.  Ultimately, Abraham was trusting the Lord to continue to chart out this course that He had called Abraham to.  We can read in Genesis 14 and 18-19:29 that the land that Lot saw wasn’t exactly the way he pictured it.

The ability to choose the great over the good comes down to one thing: faith.  Do you trust God like you say you do?  We can say all we want that we trust in the Lord, but until we lay down our right to call the shots and let Him guide us along this journey called life, our “faith” is lacking.

My prayer today is that “I will show you my faith by what I do” (James 2:18 NIV).


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