When Youth Grow Up

There are times that come that let you know that you’re getting older. Sunday night was one of those times for me. I had contacted a student that was in a former student ministry of mine. She is a freshman at a local university. I had lunch with her and invited her to come to my current student ministry and share about what God was doing in her life. I knew that this young lady was strong in her faith and greatly looked forward to this night.

As Michala began the night leading in worship, I was floored by what I was witnessing. The young teen that I knew from long ago was all grown up. I knew that she was learning guitar when I was her youth pastor but never had the opportunity to hear her play. She was amazing! I had no idea. I found myself sitting there thinking, “where was this when I was her youth pastor?” If that wasn’t enough, Michala broke out the Bible and brought a great study on grace and how we are to express the love God had shown us to those around us.

The night closed out as Michala picked up her guitar and led in some great worship. I sat there just in awe. There’s many times as a youth pastor when I wonder if I made an impact on students in former ministries. Sadly, I don’t get to keep up with every student from previous ministries. When I do get to see how they are doing, it is so humbling and encouraging to see when they are being used by God in a great way and they let you know that you did make an impact.

If you would like to see what God is doing through this amazing young lady, check out her radio show at Ablaze every Thursday this spring semester from 3:30-5pm CST.


One thought on “When Youth Grow Up

  1. what a great story. it is a fresh reminder that we are such an important part of such a small part of students’ lives. what a gift when we get to see some of the fruit of our labor. blessings!

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