Today, I had the opportunity of taking our oldest son, Drew, on a trip with our church’s children’s ministry to Desoto Caverns. It was so much fun. It was especially fun since I wasn’t the “minister in charge.”

I’m always on guard when I go through a guided tour of something that has to do with nature. It’s so common to hear about how evolution formed this and because of this, what we see is billions of years old. When one looks at God’s Word, it is hard to find thi

s teaching (because it isn’t there).

During our tour, we were treated to a “light show” in the cave. The best part was that this “light show” was set to the creation account from Gen

esis. It was such a relief to not have to come behind the tour guide and tell our group that the guide had no clue what they were talking about.

If you’re looking for some good family-oriented fun, check out Desoto Caverns.


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