Weekend Update

We had a great night at the Crossroads last night.  We are still in a series called “Bonding with James” where we are going through the New Testament book of James and giving the messages movie titles from James Bond films.  It has been so much fun.  Here’s a recap of what happened last night.

Games: We had a “Man, Gorilla, Gun” contest.  It was awesome.  The first time through, Jim Anthony came out the victor.  The second time it came down to two young ladies and they tied putting them both out!  Great way to get the blood pumping.

Music: “Everyday” – Joel Houston; “Made to Worship” – Chris Tomlin

Message: “Goldfinger”  James 2:1-13.  We talked about the sin of prejudice and favoritism.  This message was one that I was very happy with.  The struggle for students to compromise their convictions for popularity is so strong.  Before I began to speak, we played the game “Mingle” where students grouped together and were dwindled down to two winners.  We used that to illustrate how easy it is to leave someone “outside” just to get ahead ourselves.  You can hear this message by clicking here.

We closed the night with a time of commitment and prayer, then we sang “Hosanna”.  It was a great night.  A visitor in Sunday School yesterday marked the 5th straight week that our students had brought at least one visitor to check out what God is doing at the Crossroads.


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