Weekend Update

This weekend marked the start of a new format for our student ministry.  We have moved our student worship service from Wednesdays to Sundays.  I really think that this format is going to open some doors.  We actually had more students there tonight than we have had on the past few Wednesday nights.  There seems to be a bit of “hop” in the step of the student ministry right now.

Message: Week 4 in series “What on Earth Am I Here For?”.  We talked about how we have been created to be like Christ.   The focus of this message was discipleship and growing in our faith.

Music: “All Because of Jesus” – Fee; “Filled With Your Glory” – Starfield; and “The Stand” – Hillsong.

Game: “Alien Nation” – a PowerPoint game that came with the series.

Good Points: it was good to see the excitement of the students about the new format.  Many had said that this new time was going to be good and help them to be able to attend.

Weak Points: I didn’t get to work on the slides like I should have.  I also had forgotten until about 10 minutes before start time to load up the PowerPoint game.


One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. I am extremely interested to hear how this works out in the long run. I am also extremely interested to know if you just scratched Wednesday night all together or do you now use it for some other student ministry activity?

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