Time Away

This past weekend was a great time for our family.  We joined up together with another family that is near and dear to our hearts and hit the beach.  Our friends are also in ministry and have small children.  It was good to finally see in person their latest addition.  The weekend was filled with all kinds of good times and even a few rough times (like when they lost the only set of keys to their vehicle).  All in all though, the weekend was a much needed getaway for both our family and theirs.  We enjoyed just hanging out, laughing, playing with each others’ children.  We shared stories and encouragement about our respective ministries.

This morning, as I was reading the Bible, I came across Mark 9:30-31.  These verses intrigued me.  Jesus didn’t want anyone to know that He and His disciples were there.  He wanted to get away from the noise and the usual patterns of life.  He wanted a few moments to just pour into His disciples and no one else.  Think about that.  The God of the universe would want to single you or me out and spend some uninterrupted time with us.  Mind-blowing.

I am one of the world’s worst at getting busy with the tasks of life.  I have been known as one who is “laid back,” but I fall victim to busyness just like everyone else.  I would encourage you to make sure that there are some times that you can break the norm and run away with your Savior for a time of refreshment and personal attention.

How do you deal with busyness?


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