Last night I attended a birthday party for one of the students in our ministry. He is the son of our janitor and doesn’t go to school with any of our other students. This was his 16th birthday. When I arrived at Cici’s Pizza for the party, I was greeted there by five of the students from our student ministry. They had gone out of there way to be there for Henry on his special day. I was so proud of them. They didn’t have to come, but they chose to be there and support Henry. That meant a lot to me because I’m quite sure that Henry doesn’t have that many friends because only one other person showed up to his party. It was extra special also as Henry’s dad shared with everyone how this was a special point in their family’s life.

8 years ago, Henry’s dad was diagnosed with cancer and given a year to live. He is kicking strong in full remission of the cancer. Henry’s dad is one of the janitors at our church. Earlier this week, he came into my office to share about how well his stem-cell harvest went. They gathered enough for 3 transplants if needed, but as it stands now, he is not in any need.

As I drove away from the pizza place last night, I was reminded of the greatness of teenagers. They can be so encouraging at times. I love and am so grateful to the Lord for giving me a call at this time in my life to work with students and experience the awesome things that He is doing in and through them.


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