Out of the Box

I don’t know if it’s because I work in student ministry (which calls for one to be looking for new ways to share the Gospel)but I love trying things in a new way. I am also very thankful for a pastor who realizes that sometimes doing things in a different manner can be a good thing. Tonight, we took the youth to a local minor league baseball game and fireworks show. The whole intent was to get students to invite their friends who aren’t involved in church anywhere. Though that didn’t happen, it was a great time for the students to see me as a real person and not just their youth pastor. It is geeat because you can see them warming up to me and our family.
I encourage anyone who may read this to not get in a rut of doing things the same old way. Look for new ways to accomplish the same purposes. It will help you to see the “why” behind the “what,” and also help you to grow a little by stretching you.


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